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carp fishing france

For 30 plus years I freelined doughballs and swung at twitches...or sat watching the twitches waiting for a good take too swing on...then a few years ago I found the HAIR RIG, thanks to the British, and my whole approach to carping and catch rates changed drastically. Unlike many of my "nice to have", but, "not necessary" Euro items of tackle....this is now a "must" for me..along with baitrunner reels. It can be frustrating when first learning...just like anything else in life....but, with frequent use comes familiarity....and you won't be sorry.

Using a hair rig will greatly increase your catch rate. Carp, for the most part, will usually mouth/taste food first...inhaling it, then quickly exhaling. If they don't like the taste...they won't touch it again. The hair rig will usually catch these finicky eaters on the first taste...especially if coupled with a heavy weight (bolt rig)...which will be covered more later.

The hair rig will also allow you to use harder baits that can't be used on a standard "hook" set up. This has the advantages of being able to cast harder/further and the bait will last longer once cast out. Some of my favorite baits are re-hydrated field corn ($5 for 50 lb bag), chic peas (garbonzo beans), boilies and doughbaits. To use doughbaits on hair rigs...just thread on a small cork or bead on your hair and then you can mold your dough around the cork; thus your hook hook won't be buried in the bait.

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carp fishing france